Why moving to Memphis is the fresh start you need

Let’s face it: the hustle and bustle of big city life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. More and more, people are getting priced out of once highly desirable metropolises, like New York, Atlanta, and San Francisco. And yet, giving it all up for rural America might feel a bit extreme. Where do those looking for the middleground go? Enter Memphis: a city filled to the brim with character and waiting for you to make your mark. For the person who wants all the perks of a big city but with a more laid back pace, Memphis is the perfect up-and-coming destination. It’s a city that’s growing thoughtfully and thus has retained its authenticity. For those looking to make a difference and find their community, Memphis should be at the top of the list.

So, of all the places you could choose to live, why Memphis? Read on to find out.

Cost of Living in Memphis

Yes, there is no shortage of reasons why Memphis is a great place to live. But what about affordability? With the cost of living skyrocketing is bigger cities like New York, San Francisco, and Atlanta, and popular cities like Nashville experiencing their own cost of living crisis, now more than ever is the time to think about how to stretch your dollar. The cost of living in Memphis is roughly 21% lower than the national average. That number gets even more impressive when you start comparing it against other cities. Like Atlanta – 41.4% more expensive than Memphis. Or Nashville – 33.4% more expensive than Memphis. Because the Memphis cost of living is so much lower than the rest of the country, you can make the most of your money. By living in Memphis, you can spend your money on experiences you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. Or maybe being a homeowner is something you’ve always wanted but couldn’t dream of doing in a bigger city – that dream can become a reality in Memphis, the no. 3 city nationally for first-time home buyers, and no.7 cost in living nationally.


Cost of Living Comparison


Do More in Memphis:

Lower Cost of Living
Rent savings
Lower median home price
Minutes faster for average commute
Average savings on NBA tickets
Average savings on concert tickets
Lower Cost of Living
Rent savings
Lower median home price
Minutes faster for average commute
Average savings on NBA tickets
Average savings on concert tickets
Lower Cost of Living
Rent savings
Lower median home price
Minutes faster for average commute
Average savings on NBA tickets
Average savings on concert tickets
Lower Cost of Living
Rent savings
Lower median home price
Minutes faster for average commute
Average savings on NBA tickets
Average savings on concert tickets
Lower Cost of Living
Rent savings
Lower median home price
Minutes faster for average commute
Average savings on NBA tickets
Average savings on concert tickets
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Memphis In The News


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Born between 1965 and 1980, many members of Generation X are in their peak earning years. Memphis has the largest share of Gen Xers making purchase requests – In Memphis, 33.42% of purchase requests came from Gen Xers.


How Memphis is Becoming the Top Market for Black Entrepreneurs

Memphis is laying the foundation for how other cities across the country should support Black entrepreneurs and businesses. The pathway to entrepreneurship in the city is paved with an ecosystem of opportunity, resources, and programs, unlike any other in the nation.


Why Memphis is a good place to live

Job Availability

In a Time Magazine study, Memphis ranked fourth on the list of the top 25 cities where millennials are moving. Part of what makes Memphis a great place to live is that there are job opportunities that allow young professionals the opportunity to advance their careers and gain meaningful work experience – in fact, Glassdoor says Memphis is among the top cities in the country for job opportunities in 2020. Top companies and organizations like FedEx, Autozone, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital being headquartered in Memphis are just a glimpse at the job potential this city has.

City Culture

Wondering why moving to Memphis should be part of your game plan? Memphis has the excitement and energy of a big city but with a small, hometown feel, all enhanced by the soul and authenticity that comes from a rich cultural heritage and strong legacy. Living in Memphis is special not just because you have access to a huge number of cultural amenities, but also because it’s a place where you as an individual can plug in and make a difference. The culture of Memphis is a spirit of change and growth. Here, an idea because a movement and a single person can make a positive impact on their community.


Low Commute Times

Big cities have a lot to offer, but all that effort you put into your commute is precious time wasted. Why spend hours in the car each day when you could live in Memphis, where commute times are an average of just 20 minutes? Moving to Memphis means using more of your time to explore, get involved, and make yourself at home in a great city.


A Foodie’s Paradise

What would a city be without a vibrant and thriving food scene? Whether it’s James Beard Award nominated chefs or a food truck with a cult-like following, Memphis has it all. Part of the fun of moving to Memphis is finding your favorite food spots. There’s the legacy food institutions, like the soul food famous Four Way and world-renowned Rendezvous barbecue, but there are also newer spots popping up every day with unique dining experiences and exquisite food.

Edible Memphis is your local resource for everything from local farms and suppliers to where to get the best burger.


Unparalleled Music History and Scene

Whether you realize it or not, Memphis changed how the world hears music, and no discussion about Memphis would be complete without noting its most legendary and iconic music scene. Some of the world’s greatest musicians of all time have called Memphis home. From Elvis Presley to B.B. King to Justin Timberlake, moving to Memphis means joining a community that is rich in musical history. And while there’s no shortage of history to learn about Memphis’ music scene, there’s also no shortage of contemporary music to hear and experience either. Memphis is a mecca for musicians, and as a resident of this city, you can expect to hear some of the greatest sounds pouring out of a bar on any given night. Outdoor concerts, open mic night, intimate house concerts, free shows in the park – Memphis is a music lovers paradise.

Visit our music page for more!


A Thriving Place for the Arts

One of the greatest culture amenities big cities have is their arts scene, but moving to Memphis doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice that. Unbeknownst to many, Memphis is actually a hidden gem for the arts, offering a variety of cultural institutions to soothe the cravings of any art-lover. In fact, Memphis has year-round access to some of the most diverse art institutions in the country. Ballet Memphis boasts one of the most diverse dancer populations in the country, Hattiloo Theatre is the only freestanding Black repertory theatre in five surrounding states – the list goes on. From museums and performing arts to local galleries and exhibits, there’s something new to see or experience everywhere you look. Start with Tone, an innovative black-led arts organization creating space for artists across media. 


Pace of life

Burnt out from the hustle and bustle of living in a big city? Then moving to Memphis should definitely be something to consider. The pace of big city life is exhausting, and it’s no wonder why cities like New York and Chicago leave people feeling drained and ready for a change. In Memphis, you can have access to all your favorite big city amenities while enjoying a slower pace of life. Enjoy work week boundaries like free weekends and a 9-5 atmosphere. Don’t feel a need to be plugged into email from your phone 24/7. Take vacations and enjoy all the perks that come with living in a city like Memphis. You’ll be better for it.



Diversity is a hot topic right now and a huge asset to anyone’s quality of life. Companies and organizations are looking to diversify their workforce, parents are looking to diversify their children’s school experiences, and many are scrambling to do what Memphis has been living and breathing for years. In a city that is over 60% Black, the possibility of Memphis is the possibility of America. By moving to Memphis, you’re moving to one of the most diverse cities the country has to offer, and you can and should expect to be part of that. From your social circles to your coworkers to your churches, Memphis is full to the brim with diversity.


A Spirit of Generosity

More and more, people are prioritizing philanthropic efforts in their jobs and personal life. It’s not enough to do well and climb the ladder anymore, people – especially young professionals – want to know they’re making a difference and giving back. This is part of what makes Memphis a great place to live. In The Chronicle of Philanthropy Memphis is ranked the most giving city in America. People and organizations alike are giving their time, money, and energy to philanthropic causes, and it’s part of what’s driving an exceptional quality of life here in the Bluff City. Among the 50 largest regions in the U.S., Memphis is #1 in the number of non-profit organizations per 10,000 population. That means if you’re in the business of helping others, Memphis is the place for you.

Give365 is a great way to learn about tons of Memphis organizations doing important work and meet fellow Memphians who also love to give back.


A Leading Tourist Destination

Looking for a place to live that your family will want to visit all the time? Look no further, moving to Memphis is right for you. Memphis is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, with more than 12 million people visiting each year to explore over 60 different attractions – and the list keeps growing every day. An award-winning zoo, international festivals and competitions, professional sports teams anchored by NBA giants, and much more. 

Plan your trip with the help of Memphis Tourism or learn how locals like to explore the city.


The best areas to live in Memphis

Where’s the best place to live in Memphis? Everywhere! Memphis has a lot of different neighborhoods with different charms and benefits of living there. Want to be close to the action, bars and nightlife? Try Midtown or Downtown for cute houses (or condos) with lots of historic charm and in walking distance to some of the best bars, restaurants, and venues in the city. 

Memphis has plenty of affordable, family friendly neighborhoods too. Frayser and Whitehaven are just two areas that feature large, family size housing that are close to schools, parks, and other family friendly amenities. 

Further out east, Memphis’ up and coming Sea Isle neighborhood is experiencing rapid growth, and is very popular with new young families and couples. Wherever you decide to live, Memphis has the place for you to grow and flourish inside the city. Here’s a list of some of the other best places to live in Memphis.


Emerging Projects

Memphis Riverpark

The Edge District

One Beale

Memphis International Airport